Watercolor Ice Painting: The “Coolest” Hot Day Craft

This watercolor ice painting is probably my kids favorite activity we have done with our liquid watercolors! They played with this for about 45 minutes and were asking for more! Even after they were done painting the ice, they were entertained by playing with their new colored ice, which was pretty quickly turning into slush but,  I think that was part of the fun!!


What you will need for watercolor ice painting:

  1. Tray
  2. Crushed Ice
  3. Liquid Watercolors (Learn how to make your own here!)
  4. Pipettes (I got mine a Hobby Lobby, or you can find them here)

The prep for this activity is super easy, just fill your try with crushed ice. I got mine out of my refrigerator ice maker. If yours doesn’t crush the ice you could just use ice cubes, but I think the crush ice makes the painting a but more effective.

Then get your liquid watercolors and pipettes out and let your kids have fun!! I usually have to remind them how to use the pipettes, but they pick up the concept pretty quickly. My 1 year old actually participated in this one and she loved it as well!!

The tray I use came off of a cookie sheet that I have. You can find a similar one here. They are technically called a Jelly Roll Baking Sheet. I actually use this tray all the time for kid activities!! It protects the area they are working on and the lip on it catches most of the mess of whatever project we are doing! It also cleans up super easy! I think I have used this more times for kid projects than covering my jelly roll pan!! You could also just use the actual cookie sheet. Its the small lip that it provides that is important to contain the messes!!



Again, a super easy activity that will keep your kids entertained for a good amount of time!!!

Here is how our Watercolor Ice Paintings turned out!


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