This Turkey Squishy Bag Sensory Activity Makes Color Matching Fun

After seeing several squishy bag ideas floating around on the internet, I knew I wanted to try one! I threw some jewels into a bag of hair gel and my kids loved it and played with it for a long time! I also think they are super fun, and a relaxing!! I was hooked. I knew I wanted to come up with tons of squish bag activities!!!! This is the first of MANY squishy bag ideas for all of you to try out on your kiddos! I know your kids (and you) will love this Terrific Turkey Squishy Bag Color Matching activity!! It’s a great way to practice those colors, and work those fine motor muscles!!!

What You Need

  1. Hair Gel (Dollar Tree has the the best deal)
  2. Gallon Sized Ziploc Bags (try to find the ones without a label printed on the bag … again DT these can sometimes be thin, so might want to hunt for a thick bag)
  3. Turkey Color Matching Printout 
  4. Cardboard
  5. Packing Tape
  6. Glue Stick
  7. Googly eyes
  8. Blue, orange, purple, green, and red foam sheets

The best part about squishy bags?? EASY set up!!!

First, print off your turkey color matching printout (TPT).  Measure a piece of cardboard to be a little smaller than the Ziploc bag.  Trim turkey color matching printout to fin on cardboard, then glue turkey printout on cardboard. On the print out there is also just a blank turkey without feathers, if you have smaller ones and you just want your kids to build their turkey however they want!!

Lay cardboard, turkey side down, onto Ziploc bag and tape all sides of cardboard to the OUTSIDE of the bag.

Cut out feather outline, from the Turkey Color Matching Printout, lay on top of blue, orange, purple, green, and red foam sheets and trace, then cut. This will make sure your foam feathers match up with the feathers printed on the paper!

Cut out triangle shaped orange beak, and one oval shaped snood. (The red fleshy bits hanging off a turkeys’ beaks are called “snoods” FYI! ) Learn something new everyday! 😉

Open up Ziploc and fill with about half a bottle of hair gel, then throw in foam feathers, googly eyes, foam beak, and foam snood.

Spread out the gel, evenly, in the bag and making sure all the air gets out. Seal up your Ziploc. If you do not trust your little, you might put packing tape over the zip part of the bag, just to make sure you do not have a mess on your hands!

Try to move the feathers around, if it seems a little too hard, add more gel.

Have your child build those fine motor muscles and move the colored feathers to the matching outline! Then work on those eyes and beak!!!

Watch This Terrific Turkey Color Matching Squishy Bag In Action!

Be on the look out for more Holiday squishy bag printouts and ideas to come!!!

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