Make It A Colorful Thanksgiving With This Turkey Blow Paint Craft

Are you looking for a super easy and fun craft for this Thanksgiving holiday? Try this colorful turkey blow paint craft! My 6,4, and 2 year old really enjoyed it! They turned out really pretty! You can hang them up or turn them into a turkey centerpiece!

What You Will Need

  1. Different Colored Washable Paint
  2. Paper Plate
  3. Straw
  4. Googly Eyes
  5. Orange and Red Construction Paper
  6. Glue
  7. Turkey Print Out (subscribe below to download the print out)

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What To Do

Have your child glue the Turkey Print out towards the bottom of the plate. You can use the front or back of the plate, it doesn’t really matter. We did it both ways and they turned out neat!

Next, have them add the googly eyes, then cut out triangle shaped orange beak, and one oval shaped snood. (The red fleshy bits hanging off a turkeys’ beaks are called “snoods” FYI! ) Learn something new everyday! 😉 If you want to skip this step, in the Turkey printout I included a Turkey with these parts already!!

Then, have your kiddo choose what colors they wait and squeeze a nickle size drop onto the plate, close to the turkey cutout.

Now, the fun begins! Take the straw and blow, in the direction you want the paint to go, to make your Turkey feathers!! If your washable paint is on the thick side you will need to water it down some to make the process easier! You will just have to play around with the amount of water you need to get the paint the right! You are looking for an in between of poster paint and watercolors! Be sure to watch the video below to see this Turkey Blow Painting Craft in action!!

Let them dry and hang!!! OR You can tape on a toilet paper tube roll to make a fun centerpiece decoration! I put a few markers in my tube to weight it down so it will not fall over as easy!! They turned out super cute!!!

Check out this Colorful Turkey Blow Paint Craft In Action!


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