My Kids Absolutely Loved Tie-Dye Water Gun Painting

Summer is in full swing here in Indiana and my kiddos LOVE any activity that involves water play and paint. So the other day we combined the two. It turned out to be a pretty awesome activity! The prep was fairly easy too, your kids are sure to love this Tie-Dye Water Gun Painting activity too!

Tie-Dye Water Gun Painting

What you will need:


Painting with Water Guns
Painting with Water Guns

I taped up a few pieces of paper to my fence. I have seen other people clip them onto a cloths line too! Clear packing tape would have been ideal, but I sent my son upstairs to get some tape and he came back with masking tape! No big difference, it just would have looked nicer!!

I filled each squirt gun with a syringe. I just used one that I had gotten from the pharmacy when one of my kids were sick! Look around your house, I am sure you can find one! If not you can buy some, they are always good to have around for medicines and fun art projects! My kids love to play with them in the bathtub.

Next, I let the kids have fun!! This activity lasted about 30 minutes. If you have older kids who can refill their own squirt guns back up, you could probably get a good hour or more out of this Painting with Water Guns activity!!



My 18 month old could not use the squirt gun, but she had a good time trying to figure it out, and I would squirt her paper, so maybe she thought she was having some success!!

The paint did drip a lot, so if you are on a wooden fence you might want to clip them up on a clothes line, but on my vinyl fence, it just hosed right off!

Here is how our art work turned out!



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