The Most Memorable Letter A Activity!

In general I try to stay from creatures with more than 4 legs, but my 3 children are the opposite, they love anything creepy and crawly! So when trying to come up with some letter A activity, ants of course, popped in my mind. Probably because there are ALWAYS crumbs in my kitchen and of course ants. So I knew I had the materials to make something memorable.

We are always trying to think of fun activities they will keep the kids engaged, learning, and making memories, right?! Well, this memorable letter A activity will do all three and it will get your kids out in nature!! It is sure to leave a mark on even the youngest minds. They will never forget what the letter A looks like again!! Even my 1.5 year old can identify it now!!!

Here is all  you will need for the most memorable letter A activity!

  1. Light colored construction paper
  2. Honey

Draw a letter A onto your light colored paper. Or have your child do it!

I would suggest taking your finger and dipping it into the honey to trace onto the paper. This will make the honey thin and therefore helping to prevent the ants from getting stuck in the honey!  I just pour the honey right onto the paper and a lot of ants got stuck and didn’t make it out!!

All you need to do next is find a place outside to lay your honey letter A paper. Have the kids collect s few rocks to place along the edge of the paper, to prevent it from blowing away! Then wait!!


This is actually fun for the kids too. Mine wanted to run outside every 15 minutes to do to check the see if any ants came to check out the A!



After about 2 hours we had most of our A covered!!! The kids thought it was awesome and enjoyed watching the ants! If you keep your A out long enough, you can watch as the honey slowly starts disappearing!



I think it is save to say, they will not forget the letter A anytime soon! They loved this activity!


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