The Fall Apple Prints Craft That is Fun & Super Easy

Super Easy Fall Apple Prints

Are you learning about the letter A or just doing fun apple activities for the fall season? This Super Easy Fall Apple Prints activity is a must do to add to your list of activities. Super easy and fun!

What you will need

  1. Washable Paint (Red, Green, Yellow)
  2. Apples
  3. Paper
  4. Paper plate
  5. Pencil (updated)

See I told you it was easy!!

Cut your apples in half and pour your paint onto a paper plate. Let the kids have at it!

Kids can stamp with the apples or really paint how ever they feel!


“L” likes to brake the mold a bit and she started to swirl her apple prints. Which actually turned out really well!


Here is how the rest of our Super Easy Fall Apple Prints turned out!


*Updated for Super Easy Fall Apple Prints:*

The half apple piece was pretty hard for my 1.5 year old to hold and try to stamp with. It was even hard for my 4 year old to use. So I decided to put a pencil  into the apple and it worked out much better!!!

Make sure your pencil is sharpened so it will go into the apple a bit easier. You could also use a Popsicle stick, fork, or corn on the cob holders.


We even tried cutting the apple into different shaped pieces. These turned out just as neat!


On our second go round of making apple prints, my 4 year old wanted to do rainbow apple prints, they turned out pretty cute too!


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