Summer Ice Pop Painting- The Best Activity on a Hot Day

Your kids are going to keep asking you to make these summer ice pop paints!!

Here I am again trying to think of ways to use my DIY cheap liquid watercolors! They really are super easy to make, and an idea from when I was a preschool teacher popped into my head. One week when we were learning about the letter I. I did a whole day on Ice! I found a cute idea online with ice cube painting. This idea had you fill an ice cube try and add a popsicle stick to make your ice paints. They were fun , but from what I remembered a little messy and the cubes melted too fast! I wanted a way to make the Ice Pop Paints last longer, so this Summer Ice Pop Painting idea was born!

What you will need

  1. Liquid watercolors (or Make your own here!)
  2. Popsicle Tray
  3. White Construction paper or Watercolor paper
Popsicle Tray

Simply pour your liquid watercolors into the popsicle tray and freeze! When you are ready to use them, tun a little hot water over each color to help get them to pop out!


I love how big the ice pops are using the popsicle maker instead of using  the ice cube tray, where the ice paints ended up way to small and therefore melted way too fast!!





These are perfect for even the smallest hands! The handle is so easy for the little ones to grab themselves and paint away!

These ice pop paints last so long, when we were finished I stuck them back in the freezer and we were able to use them 4 other times!!! WAY better than the little ice cube tray ice paints I had used a few years ago!!!

You might let your kids know that these are not popsicles to eat! Mine asked right away if they could eat them! After I explained to them that they were paint and not popsicles, no one tried to eat them! So just beware, they do look pretty tasty on a hot summer day!


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