Get Spooked By This Spray Bottle Ghost Art Project

Halloween is such a fun holiday for children. There are so many fun activities and themes you can use to help teach different skills or just have fun! This spray bottle ghost art is super fun, easy and a little messy! Which makes it more fun, right??

What You Will Need

  1. Black Washable Tempera Paint
  2. Clean Spray Bottle
  3. Water
  4. White Card Stock or Construction Paper
  5. Ghost Outline Printout
  6. Painters Tape
  7. Tray
  8. Googly Eyes
  9. Black Marker
  10. Elmer’s Glue

What To Do

  1. Fill your spray bottle with 2 parts Black Washable Tempera Paint. Then add about 1 part water.
  2. Shake up the paint/water mixture
  3. Test out the spray bottle, if nothing comes out after a few tries, your paint might be too thick and you will need to add a bit more water.
  4. Cut out the Ghost Outline Printouts
  5. Tape Ghosts to White Card Stock or Construction Paper with painters tape, so they are easier to remove when they dry.
  6. Put paper on a tray or something to keep the paint contained a bit!
  7. Hand over the spray bottle and let the kids have fun!

8.Set these aside and let them dry.

9.  Once they are dry remove the ghost outlines.

10.Have your kids decorate their ghost silhouettes with googly eyes and markers!

Helpful Tips

Keep the ghost paper flat on the ground while the kids are spraying!! My first thought was to tape this to the fence so my kids could spray it a bit easier, but the ghost outlines are not taped down all that well, so you are able to get them back off when it drys, and paint would drip down through the outline and your ghost silhouettes would not work!!So keep them FLAT!!

 Check Out Spray Bottle Ghosts In Action!

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