Haircut Harriet: The Best Scissor Skills Activity Around!

When I was a kid I loved to play with play dough, like most kids I know. We had a fast food play dough factory that I remember and we also had a hair cutting play dough set. You were able to cut the play dough hair! Then you would reload it with play dough and and start all over. If you have no clue what I am talking about, they actually still have them today…  I have one for my kids, and I HATE it!!! Sorry to my Mother for all those years of play dough mess!!!

This toy is really fun. But the work you have to do to get the play dough to grow, and all the little play dough mess that comes along with it makes it one of those toys that only comes out every few months, when I forget how much clean up is involved!!!  Not to mention when you do get it out,  you have to spend 10 minutes picking little tiny dried up play dough  pieces out of her scalp, just to get her to work!!!

This takes us to my idea. I have seen a few scissor skill activities that involve giving hair cuts. One involves a paper bag, and the other a paper plate, they are super cut ideas. But I wanted something where the hair “grew” and could be re-cut pretty easily, without much help or mess.  That is how Hair Cut Harriet was born!!

What You Need

  1. Empty Lay’s Stax Potato Chips Container 
  2. Scissors
  3. Box Cutter
  4. Yarn (Whatever color of hair you would like your Harriet or Harry to have!)
  5. Face Pattern (Subscribe below to download printouts!)
  6. Construction Paper
  7. Tape
  8. A heavy object (to put in in the bottom to weight it down)

What You Need To Do

First, take your box cutter  and make x slits in the top of the lid. I found that it is easiest and safer to leave the lid on the container while cutting. I started off by just making straight slits in the lid, but making an X slit makes pulling the yarn though a lot easier!

Next, cut a piece of yarn about 3 feet long and tie a knot at the end of it. If you make the yarn too long it will just become a a big tangled mess!!

Then pull the non knotted side through the lid and pull though about 5 inches. This does take some time to pull all the yarn though each slit, but it has lasted about 8 hair cuts for my kids!

The first Hair Cut Harriet I made, I put about 40 slits in the lid for the hair. That seemed to be a bit much. The lid became weak from all the cuts and  would crack, although it did still work. The second one I made I only made about 20 slits and it did much better. You could actually just cut long slits in the lid and space out the yarn, when your child pulls to grow the hair, it might all slide to one side, but it still should work the same!


Before you put all the yarn into the chip container, add some type of weight to the container. So fill it with something heavy! Just make sure you leave space in the container for all your yarn! This will help Hair Cut Harriet from tipping over while your kiddos are cutting her hair!!

Once you have all the yarn pulled though the slits and you have added some weight,  stuff the extra hair into the chip container and close the lid!

Next, measure, cut, and  tape on a background piece of construction paper, any color of your or your kiddo’s choice. This is mainly because when you peel off the Lays Stax Label, there will be a big sticky line left over!!  Then, print off one of the face templates and have your kiddos color the face. Cut it out and tape it on!! Just enter your email below and you can download this free face template!!


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Now let your kids have a blast cutting new hair do’s for their very own Hair Cut Harriett and working on those scissor skills!!!

Once their hair cut is complete, have them gently pull up on the hair and watch it “grow” back!!! Then they can starting cutting again!!! Watch the video below for Hair Cut Harriett in action!!!


Watch Haircut Harriett In Action

You also get this great hair drawing activity when you subscribe to get your Haircut Harriet print out!

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