Introduce Your Preschooler to Pointillism Art

Looking for more ways to use that DYI water color paint you keep making? Here is a great, fun and easy craft to do with the kiddos in  your life!!Preschool Pointillism Art! Not sure what pointillism art is? Check it out here!

It’s pretty cool stuff. Before starting this activity, I showed my preschoolers a few examples of pointillism art, ranging from adult works, to kids themselves! They were pretty excited to start.

What you will need:

  1. Liquid Watercolors (Learn to Make Your Own!)
  2. Watercolor paper (best) or Construction paper
  3. Q-Tips
  4. Art Mat (for protecting your table)  I sometimes use Aluminum foil or just an extra sheet of paper!
  5. Ice Cube Tray

I like to put the liquid watercolors into an ice cube tray, that way if it spills, I only loose a little of my watercolors and it keeps the mess to a minimum!



My preschoolers just had fun making “DOT” art but if you have an older bunch they could really get into it and make something awesome!


My 18 month old even enjoyed this project! She had to have a little more help, but overall she did really well! She even got the concept of making dots!





When I do this activity again I am going the have the kids think of a simple picture they want to “dot” paint before hand and provide them a copy. I think they would have gotten the concept better if they had something to look at that they could try to make in the pointillism style. But on the other hand their little minds think in a totally abstract way, so either way, they had fun! Plus, it kept them busy!!!



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