Ring In The New Year With These Jingle Bell Math Activities

When I was at Dollar Tree a few weeks back, I walked down the Christmas rows looking for some fun supplies to do something with!! I saw packs of 50 jingle bells in different colors and I knew I could do something fun with them! After brainstorming a bit, I had several jingle bell math activities to try!!! They were a ton of fun, and pretty educational!! My 6,4, and 2 year old loved them!

You can purchase the whole Jingle Bell Math Activities Packet here (TPT)

Jingle Bell Addition Roll (Activity #1)


  1. Red, Green, and Gold Jingle Bells 
  2. Paper Towel Tubes
  3. Wrapping Paper
  4. Circle Magnets
  5. Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
  6. Gift box or clean jar
  7. Jingle Bell Math Activities Packet (TPT)
  8. Dry Erase Marker


First thing you will need to do is wrap some wrapping paper around your paper towel tubes.

Then get your hot glue gun ready and glue 2 round magnets to both tubes.

Jingle Bell Preview

Print out the Jingle Bell Math Activities Packet (TPT) and cut out and laminate the addition cards. If you cannot laminate your cards , you can put packing tape over them and a dry erase marker will still work!

Put your paper towel tubes in a V shape, on a magnet board, or you can use two cookie sheets. Then put your jar or you can use a gift box, for your jingles bells to fall into. I liked the glass jar because it made a pretty satisfying sound when the bells would fall into the jar!

Have your kiddo draw a addition card, and drop each number of bells into the tube to add them together in the jar. They  will then dump the jar and add up the total number of bells!

Have them write the answer in the stocking! Then start again! Be sure to watch the video below to see this activity in action!

It was a hit, even with my 2 year old, even if she was just rolling the jingle bells down the tubes!!

Jingle Bell Patterns (Activity #2)

The next activity we tried was the Jingle Bell Patterns.

What You Will Need

  1. Red, Green, and Gold Jingle Bells 
  2. Jingle Bell Math Activities Packet (TPT)

This activity is pretty simple, but my 4 year old really enjoyed it!

Print out the pattern cards from the Jingle Bell Math Activities Packet (TPT). Cut them apart. Then add red, green, and gold jingle bells to a container. Have your child find the pattern and extend the rest of the pattern. There is also a blank pattern card for your child to create their own pattern!


Jingle Bell Ten Frame Mat (Activity #3)

What You Will Need

  1. Red, Green, and Gold Jingle Bells 
  2. Jingle Bell Math Activities Packet (TPT)
  3. Dry Erase Marker

This last activity is also super simple to set up. Be sure to laminate your Ten Frame mat or you can stick it in a binder sleeve cover.

Have your kiddo draw one of the Ten Frame Mat cards. Then count out the number represented on the card. Place the bells in the ten frame and then count out the same amount again and use them to decorate your tree! Don’t forget to write the number in the box!

Some cards have the number on them and others just include a certain number of bells for your kiddo to count.


Watch all these Jingle Bell Math Activities In Action!

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