Ring in the Holidays With This Sensory Letter Hunt

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After so many people, including my own children, enjoyed and tried out my Ghost Letter Hunt Activity, I knew I wanted to create another sensory letter hunt bin! The hot glue letters might become your next obsession! They are so much fun! My kids love playing with them and digging around in the rice to find them!! This Holiday Sensory Letter Hunt Bin even plays a little music for your sensory experience, while you are digging around you can hear those jingle bells ringing!!!!! It is a must try!! If you purchase the Holiday Sensory Hunt Activities Bundle, you can have your kids hunt for uppercase, lowercase, and holiday themed beginning sounds!!

What You Need

  1. Red and Green Colored Rice (Learn how to make yours here)
  2. A Bin
  3. Jingle Bells
  4. Hot Glue Gun
  5. Red, Green, Gold, and Silver Hot Glue Sticks
  6. Parchment Paper
  7. The Holiday Sensory Letter Hunt Bundle (On TPT)


First, you will want to dye your rice red and green, leaving about 1/3 of it white.  Check out how to dye rice here!! It only takes about 3 hours to dry. So just plan ahead a bit!

While your rice is drying, you can start on making the hot glue letters! You could free hand these, but I wanted them to match up to the printout once the letters were found, kind of like a puzzle. So I used the letter print out (you can purchase the whole packet here) to make my letters!!

Lay a piece of parchment paper on top of the print out and you can start tracing the letters with the hot glue.

Be generous with the hot glue and make the letters thick. This will make them harder to tear apart!! They really are more durable than you would think!!

Let them dry for at least 5 minutes before really messing around with, they can still be sticky! But, once dry, you can lift them right off!

I used some red, gold, sliver, and green hot glue sticks that I found at the Dollar Store. Or you can find similar ones here!

Next, fill your bin with red, green, and white rice. Add your hot glue letters and jingle bells!! The colored rice helps hide the letters pretty well, so your little ones have to really dig around looking for the right one!!!

Now have your littles hunt for those letters!!

They can match uppercase to uppercase, lowercase to lowercase, or upper to lower!! Whatever skill they need to work on!!! Make sure you have them tell you the letter they are looking for!! This will help with identifying them!!!

If your child is ready, they can also match beginning sounds with these holiday themed picture cards!!! There is one picture for each letter of the alphabet!!! One set of cards has the word of the picture included! Some items on the picture cards might be unfamiliar to them, for example Holly or Mistletoe, you can go over these items before hand, but if they create their own name for them, as long as they are still matching the beginning sound, they are still getting the practice!!

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