Don’t Get Spooked! These Ghost Letters Are A Lot of Fun!

With Halloween around the corner I came across an idea on Pinterest from I Can Teach My Child  and decided to put a Halloween twist on it and the Ghost Letter Hunt was born! You can have your child hunt for letters, numbers, or even sight words!

What You Will Need

  1. Hot Glue Gun
  2. Hot Glue Sticks
  3. Parchment Paper
  4. Ghost Letters Printout (Subscribe below to download the printout!)
  5. Googly Eyes
  6. Rice
  7. Container

First thing you need to do is print out the ghost letter printout, which you can get via email if you subscribe to my mailing list. I left it in a word document so you could add what sight words you needed.  I used this as a guide to making my letters. You could free hand these, but I wanted them to match up to the printout once the letters were found, kind of like a puzzle.

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Lay a piece of parchment paper on top of the print out and you can start tracing the letters with the hot glue.


Be generous with the hot glue and make the letters thick. This will make them harder to tear apart!!

Once they are dry you can peel them off and you now have ghost letters!!!

Let them dry for at least 5 minutes before really messing around with, they can still be sticky!

Once your letters are finished you can make the ghosts! I just free handed these onto the parchment paper and stuck in the googly eyes before they dried!

Throw all your letters and ghosts into the white rice and watch them disappear!

Now your little one  is ready to find those ghost letters!

Ghost Letter Hunt



Sight Word Ghost Letter Hunt

If your child is working on sight words you can print these out and have them find their sight words too! I made only the sight word letters my daughter would need to match hers up and she found her letters and read her words!

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