This Frog Activity & Counting Game Makes For a Hoppy Time!

I wanted to find another way to use some rubber flies I had bought for a few Halloween projects and I knew I wanted to do frogs! Frogs are so much fun! Green, slimy and eat flies!! My kids love hopping around like little frogs, so this fly catching & counting game was born! Even though I didn’t end up using the rubber flies!!

You could use this activity with any animal that uses their long tongue to catch bugs. Not just flies! 😉

What You Will Need

  1. Black and Gray Felt
  2. Red Birthday Party Blower
  3. Velcro Dots
  4. Numbers (I wrote numbers on Popsicle sticks)
  5. Hot Glue Gun and Sticks


First thing you will need to do is cut your black felt into a small oval shape, this will be your flies body. Next cut 2 gray 1/2 ovals, a bit smaller than your black oval. These gray ovals will be your flies wings. As you can see, the shapes do not have to be perfect!! All flies are different sizes too!! 😉

Hot glue the wings onto your black oval. Make as many of these as you need!!

Finally, get your party blower and stretch it out, and put 3 or 4 of the rough Velcro dots on the end. A little helper to hold the party blower down is very helpful!! I spaced mine out about 1/2 of an inch apart. To make sure you have the Velcro on the right side, first, blow the blower out and make sure the Velcro is going on the part that will be facing downward. Your party blower might come with a cardboard decoration on it, these come right off!!

Can you tell my girls like playing with stamps?

It’s Fly Catching Time

Lay out all your felt flies. Have your kiddos draw a number and try to catch that many flies!! Have Fun!!!Check out the video below, it is much more fun watching it  in action, the pictures do not do it justice!!!!

You can adapt this game to all skill levels! My Kindergartner had to draw two numbers and  add them together. My 4 year old only drew one number, and My 22 month old just caught flies!!


Check it out in action!


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