This Apple Ripping Craft is Great for Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Apple Ripping Craft

Fall is just around the corner and schools are just now starting back up. This makes it prime apple season! The Letter A is being taught in all Pre-K classrooms and who doesn’t love an easy apple craft and this Fine Motor Apple Ripping Craft is a great addition to any apple themed day!

This one you can throw together super quick and you probably already have all of the supplies you need and it will help those little’ ones practice their fine motor skills, which we all know is super important for future writing, cutting, and pretty much all every day tasks!

What you will need

  1. Red, Green, or Yellow Paper
  2. Paper Plate
  3. Glue stick and liquid glue
  4. Beans
  5. Green Paper Leaf
  6. Brown Stem


Cut your  paper into strips, which ever color they want their apples to be.

Have your child rip the strips of paper into smaller pieces.  This is a great pre-cutting/fine motor skill for preschoolers to master. It is the first step in learning to cut.

My 4 year old is actually great with scissors, but she enjoyed ripping her paper as well.

Once all their paper is ripped have them start gluing it onto the back of the paper plate, using the glue stick.  Make sure they leave a blank space in the middle for the “seeds” beans!

Fine Motor Apple Ripping Craft

Once they have all their colored strips of paper on their apple, have them glue their stem and leaf on the top.

Finally, using the liquid glue, have them glue 5 beans into the middle to represent the seeds. (Most apples have 5 seeds in them, in a star shape.  See The Apple Star Story here!

Placing the seeds

My 4 year old wanted her seeds in a smiley face shape.

4 Year Old’s Apple Ripping Craft


20 Month Old’s Apple Ripping Craft


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