This Elephant Stomp Counting Game Is A Smashing Good Time!

My kids love smashing things and making a mess, so I am sure yours do too! This Elephant Stomp Counting Game is SO much fun! My kids beg me to do it!! It is a great way to practice counting and  number recognition skills. It also involves some gross motor skills! They even get a snack out of all their hard work too!!

What You Need

  1. Numbers
  2. Rubber Mallet
  3. Gray Tissue Paper
  4. Clear Tape
  5. Pink Construction Paper
  6. Elmer’s Glue
  7. Peanuts in the shell
  8. Tray with a lip to contain the mess!!

The most difficult part of this activity is making the elephant foot, and it really isn’t that hard!

Take your gray tissue paper and fit it nicely around the mallet part, be sure not to cover the bottom of the mallet, it will just get torn up when the stomping begins! Tape the tissue paper in place on the mallet part behind the handle.

Once you have the mallet part wrapped, wrap the handle and be generous with the tape to secure  the tissue paper to the handle.

Next, cut rounded rectangles to add to your elephant foot, to be the toe nails!  Glue these on.

The tissue paper doesn’t have to look perfect, all those wrinkles add to the effect!!

Finally, have your child draw a number and count out that many peanuts and start stomping!

My 6 year old wanted to find all the nuts that came out, after stomping, and eat them. My 4 year old  just had a blast stomping and counting!! My 23 month old even enjoyed stomping some peanuts!!

If you have peanut allergies, don’t worry! You can smash anything crunchy!!!

Check out the Elephant Stomping in action!! >

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  1. Haha what a cute and fun game! My daughter would love playing this game! It might be to early for her bow but soon enought we will be playing the same counting game as your family!

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