Creepy Crawly Bug Activities Your Kids Will Love!

Bugs are always a fun topic when introducing the letter B to little ones! Here you will find some awesome bug activities you can incorporate into your weekly lessons!This creepy crawly bug painting activity is sure to be enjoyed by all ages! Kids LOVE bugs, well pretty much anything that their moms do not like! They also love getting messy and painting.

What you will need for Creepy Crawly Bug Prints

  1. Washable Paints
  2. White Construction Paper
  3. Tray, or painting mat
  4. Plastic Bugs
  5. Paper Plate

This activity is super easy to set up! All you need to do it gather your supplies, show kids how to dip their bugs into the paint and stamp away, leaving bug prints all over the place!!

I found my plastic bugs at Dollar Tree. If you can’t find them there (I think they are seasonal, you can try Amazon!)



Bug Patterns

Here is another easy activity to use those plastic bugs you just painted with, make some Bug Patterns!

All you need:

  1. Plastic Bugs

(You know I love easy steps!!! ;))

Demonstrate how to set up a simple pattern. Then have your kiddo create their own!! You can do patterns with just the colors, shape, or make it a bit more challenging and do colors and shape both! We did both! It really just depeneds on what kind of bugs you have!

Pretty easy and fun too!


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