Brilliant Bird Activities Preschoolers Are Sure To Enjoy

Birds are always a fun topic for children. They are a very common animal that they are familiar with and can make an easy connection to. They have a lot of background knowledge of these backyard friends that is easily built upon.

Paper Plate Birds Nest Craft

One of my girls favorite things to do is to cut and glue and this next bird craft has both so it was a win for everyone! One of the best parts is you should have all the supplies you need already on hand!

What you will need

  1. Paper Plates
  2. Brown strips of paper
  3. Oval shapes in different colors
  4. Orange Triangles (beaks)
  5. Different colored Feathers (These spotted ones are pretty cool!)
  6. Glue
  7. Googly Eyes

First thing you need to do is cut the paper plate in half. This might be a little hard for little ones so I would suggest you do this before hand.


If your kiddos are ready for scissors they can cut the brown paper into strips, if not you can do this before hand too. I let my 4 year old cut our strips.

Next, have the kids glue the brown strips onto the paper plate, creating their nests. While they do this you can talk to them about what different material birds make their nest out of.

You kiddos are now ready to glue on their birds. It looks a bit nicer if they turn their plate over and glue the birds body on the back side, so it is sticking up out of the nest. It will make it look more like the birds are sitting in the nest and not onto of it!  Then they can add the eyes, beaks, and feathers!

These are super cute and an easy craft to make, with common supplies that you should already have around the house or at school!

As you can tell my  one and a half year old loves her birdies!!


Paper Bag Birds Nests

This next idea is a SUPER simple one but that is why I love it more!! Any activity I can throw together in under a minute, that creates NO mess and kids play with for hours is a winner in my books!!

All you need

  1. Small Paper Sacks
  2. Stuffed Birds
  3. Play Eggs
Half way done with rolling bag into nest

All you do is roll your paper bag down by folding in inside its self to create your nest.


Once you have it rolled all the way down, it will look like this!!!

My girls played with these bird nests all throughout the day and when big brother got home from Kindergarten, he joined in too!!

Bonus: I finally got some good use out of my 1990’s obsession of Bennie Babies. Warning, you might see these little guys pop up a lot around this blog!


Cereal Bird Feeders

Here is another super simple bird activity that you are sure to have all the supplies you need already laying around!

What you need:

  1. Cheerio type cereal
  2. Pipe Cleaners















Bend the end of each pipe cleaner so that when the cereal goes on, it wont fall off! Then have your kids string on the cereal to make their bird feeders!!! This is super simple, but my kids really enjoyed it!


It also provided great fine motor practice! It takes a lot of concentration to get those little pieces on that pipe cleaner!!

When you are finished be sure to hang them up outside for the birdies to enjoy. My kids loved checking on them throughout the day, although nothing came to snack for a few days!!

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Do you have any Brilliant Bird Activities you would like to add to the list? Comment with them below!


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