Imaginative Play: Apple Pie Factory Fun

There are so many apple activities that are great. I always seem to need a whole week to get though all of the great ones! Unfortunately, I have another one that you are going to need to add to your list of must do’s! It was so much fun, I even made a few pies in the Imaginative Play Apple Pie Factory!! 🙂

What you will need:

  1. Tan Felt
  2. Brown Sharpie
  3. Red, Yellow, Green Pom Pom Balls
  4. Mini Pie Pans
  5. Empty Cinnamon Container
  6. Child Tweezers
  7. Child Sized Rolling Pin
  8. Cotton Balls

I had every item on hand except for the mini pie pans. I found them at the grocery story, with the pie items, they are called Graham Cracker Keebler Ready Crust,  Mini 3-Inch Tart.  I did NOT pay $7 for these, they were only $1.79 at the store! We threw some pudding into the crusts and had dessert one night so I could have the mini pans!!

I did find these on Amazon, MontoPack Disposable 5″ Aluminum Foil Tart/Pie Pans , they come in a pack of 50 and they are pretty cheap, if you are doing this activity with a lot of kids, this might be the way to go! They are 2 inches bigger, but that would still work perfectly for this activity! You can also get this pack of 9 pie pans!

I also already had the child sized rolling pin on hand. It was a christmas gift one year and we use it all the time! We use it for baking and playdough all the time! You can find a similar one here! Dimart Non-Stick Wood Grip Silicone Rolling Pin for Bakers for Children


Once you have all your supplies, the first thing you need to do is trace a circle, a little bigger than the top of your pie pans, onto the tan felt. Then cut them out, leaving you with a top crust for your pies!

Then draw slit makes onto your pie crusts with a brown sharpie. You could actually cut slits into your felt to let the apples peak though a bit. I might try that for the next time we get these out to play with!

Now you are ready for the kids to have fun!

I put tweezers into this activity for fine motor practice, my daughters did not use them at all, but my son did. So u guess it just depends on the kid!

Have them fill their pie pans with apples. Again, my son filled his pans with like colored apples, my daughters did not, they mixed the colors! Which if you knew them, this fits their personalities!!

Once they fill their pie pans with apples, have them “sprinkle” on the cinnamon. This was by far my 21-month-old’s favorite part of their whole activity!

She loved smelling it too! I did not rinse it out on purpose so that it would still smell like cinnamon!

Finally, they can roll out their crust and add it and a dollop of “whipped cream” (cotton balls)!

My 4 year old might be a little obsessed with whipped cream!

I made strips of crust as well, so they could make a lattice apple pie crust!

Overall my kids would rate this activity with 5 stars! They LOVED it. Over the last few days they have played with these for HOURS!

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