Alligator Number Sequencing Craft

This alligator number sequencing craft will fit perfectly into your letter A file of activities they you will love! Kids love the fact that the letter A turns into an alligator, by rotating the letter and adding eyes and teeth!! Teachers will love this activity because kids are practicing their gluing skills and are sequencing numbers to fit in the teeth!

What you will need:

  1. Green Construction paper
  2. Bubble Letter Outline 
  3. White Construction Paper
  4. Googly Eyes

First you need to either draw a bubble letter A onto your green paper, keep in mind how many teeth you would like to fit into the alligators mouth. The bigger the mouth, the more teeth can fit, and the more practice with number sequencing your kiddos will get!

I am a terrible bubble letter maker so I use the pattern above and traced in onto my green paper. It worked fine, but we were only able to fit 6 teeth into our alligators mouth!

You will then need to cut out small teeth triangles out of the while construction paper and write numbers on them.

Then have your kiddos glue on the eyes and the teeth, making sure they put them in number sequence! They might get confused with they have to move sides of the alligators mouth. It might be helpful to have an example on hand, or show them these pictures!



I would have liked to go up to 10 or 12 but my alligators mouth was way to small! You could always just have them place the teeth and not glue them on and make this more challenging for more advanced kids and have bigger numbers to sequence, or having them sequence even or odd numbers.


Do you have a favorite Alligator Craft that you do? Comment with it below!



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